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Matches fashion winter sale
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D1 1000 Air
D1 500 Air
D1 250 Air
D1 500
D1 250
User´s Guide

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2 Profoto D1

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Thank you for choosing Profoto Thanks for showing us your confidence by investing in a D1 unit. For more than four decades we have sought the perfect light. 3 What pushes us is our conviction that we can offer even better tools for the most demanding photographers. Before our products are shipped we have them pass an extensive and strict testing program. We check that each individual product comply with specified performance, quality and safety. For this reason our flash equipment is wid

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Safety instructions SAfeTy Prec AUTionS! Do not operate the equipment before studying the instruction manual and the accompanying safety. Make sure that Profoto Safety Instructions is always accompanied the equipment! Profoto products are intended for professional use! Generator, lamp heads and accessories are only intended for indoor photographic use. Do not place or use the equipment where it can be exposed to moisture, extreme electromagnetic fields or in areas with flammable gases or dus

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Table of contents System description ...................................................................................................6 Profoto Air ...................................................................................................6 Profoto Air Remote..........................................................................7 Profoto Air Sync ..............................................................................7 Profoto Air USB ..........................................

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System description Profoto’s 40 years of experience in developing state-of-the-art flash units is built into the design of the D1 units. The D1 family fully complies with the demand for durable, tough, fast and consistent flash units that professional photographers of today require. The D1 unit is available in 250, 500 and 1000 Ws versions, all with integrated Profoto Air functionality. The 250 and 500 Ws versions are also available without Profoto Air. The unit is fully digital, to ensure a

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Profoto Air remote Profoto Air Remote offers remote control of your D1 Air units and synchronization of all your D1 units at your camera or in your hand. The device controls practically an infinite number of D1 units in up to six groups, either all at once in Master mode, or in individual groups. Profoto Air Sync Profoto Air Sync allows synchronization of practically an infinite number of D1 units, with the same high performance as Profoto Air Remote. Profoto Air USB 7 The Profoto Air USB dev

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nomenclature 7 1 2 8 3 9 8 4 10 5 6 11 1. Display 9. READY SETTING 2. On Button 9a. Ready Button 3. Power Supply Indicator 9b. BEEP Indicator 4. Test Button 9c. DIM Indicator 5. Ready Indicator 10. MODEL SETTING 6. Channel Set Button 10a.Model Button 7. Setting Knob 10b.PROP Indicator 8. SLAVE SETTING 10c.FREE Indicator 8a. Slave Button 11. Model Set Button 8b. RADIO Indicator 8c. IR Indicator Profoto D1

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15 17 12 16 13 9 14 18 12. Sync Connector 16. Locking Knob 13. Power Supply (AC) Connector 17. Zoom Scale 14. Fuse Holder 18. Stand Adapter 15. Umbrella Tube (on the upper side) Profoto D1

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functionality Power supply The D1 unit can be connected to 100-120 VAC or 200-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz. The unit automatically senses and adapts to the supplied voltage and frequency. The power supply fuses must not be smaller than specified in the section Technical data. Most gas generators with an output of 800 W constant load, or more, can power the D1 unit. Thanks to the two stage SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) technology, no ProGas unit is needed. 10 Warning : Never use ordinary household

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• T h e b u i l t - i n I R r e c e i v e r s e n s e s t h e f l a s h r e l e a s e a s w e l l a s I R s i g n a l s f r o m m o s t I R s y n c transmitters. • The Profoto Air radio system is fully integra ted in the D1 Air units, allo wing radio synchronization via a Profoto Air Remote or Profoto Air Sync device connected to the camera, or via the Profoto Air USB device connected to a computer with the Profoto Studio Air program. • D 1

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remote control Wireless remote control is available for D1 Air units, using the Profoto Air Remote device or the Profoto Air USB device in combination with the Profoto Studio Air software. For more information about remote control, please refer to the User’s Guides for Profoto Air Remote or Profoto Air USB/Profoto Studio Air. color temperature A frosted glass plate is included in the D1 delivery. It gives, in combination with the flash tube, a recommended color temperature for daylight type

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operating instructions Stand mounting 1. Mount and fasten the D1 unit on the stand using the locking knob on the Stand Adapter [18]. 2. The unit can be directed upwards/downwards when the Locking Knob [16] is loosened. Fasten the Locking Knob [16] when the unit is correctly directed. Mounting of external reflector 1. Unlock the clasp on the external reflector. 2. Slide the reflector onto the D1 unit. Use the Zoom Scale [17] to place the reflector in 13 the desired position. 3. Secure the refle

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Modeling light setting 1. Use the Model Button [10a] to select the modeling light: a. To select proportional modeling light, press and hold down the Model Button [10a] until the PROP Indicator [10b] is illuminated. b. To select free modeling light, press and hold down the Model Button [10a] until the FREE Indicator [10c] is illuminated. The energy level of the latest selected free modeling light setting will be activated. c. To turn off the modeling light, press the Model Button [10a]. Both t

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Sync via cable 1. Connect a sync cord from the camera to the Sync Connector [12] on the D1 unit. Sync via ir 1. Press and hold down the Slave Button [8a] until the IR Indicator [8c] is illuminated. Sync via radio (D1 without Profoto Air) 1. Connect a Profoto Air Remote or Profoto Air Sync device (Receiver) with a cable to the Sync Connector [12] on the D1 unit. 2. Follow the instructions for generators without built-in Profoto Air receiver in the Profoto Air Remote/Profoto Air Sync User’s Guid

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Turn off unit All settings will remain when the unit is in standby mode. If the power cable is removed, the modeling light will revert to the default settings; the modeling light will be turned off and the energy level of the free modeling light will be set to 10. 1. Press the On Button [2] to turn off the power. 2. The Power Supply Indicator [3] will be red, indicating that the unit is receiving power but is in standby mode. 3. Remove the power cable. 16 Profoto D1

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Maintenance changing flash tube and/or modeling lamp 1. Ensure that the D1 unit is turned off and that the power cable is not connected. 2. If the unit has been in use, wait five minutes to allow the unit to be fully discharged. 3. Gently remove the frosted glass plate. 4. Change the flash tube: • Unlock the flash tube trigger by unfolding the stainless steel ribbons around the clasp. 17 • Grasp the flash tube in the bottom and pull it straight out of the socket. •

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changing built-in fuse 1. Ensure that the D1 unit is turned off and that the power cable is not connected. 2. If the unit has been in use, wait five minutes to allow the unit to be fully discharged (the autodump function). 3. Pull out the Fuse Holder [14] from the unit and remove the old fuse. 4. Push the new fuse all the way into the Fuse Holder. Only use recommended fuse, see section Technical data. 5. Fit the Fuse Holder in place, by gently pushing until the holder snaps in place. 18

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Adaptive thermal control The D1 unit is equipped with an adaptive thermal control system. If there is risk for over heating of the unit, caused by either heavy use or abnormal external influence, the thermal control system will automatically protect the unit from damage. A microprocessor supervises and controls the unit, based on input from four thermal sensors. If the sensors report an increase in temperature, the microprocessor automatically takes measures to protect the unit. The first m

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Technical data D1 1000 Air D1 500 Air D1 250 Air D1 500 D1 250 Specifications D1 1000 Air D1 500 Air D1 250 Air D1 500 D1 250 20 Energy (Ws/J) 1000 500 250 Power range f-stop 7 7 7 Ws 15.6-1000 7.8-500 3.9-250 Power range 1/1-1/64 1/1-1/64 1/1-1/64 Power increments 1/10 1/10 1/10 Flash duration t0.5 min- 1/700-1/1800 1/1000-1/2600 1/1400-1/3700 max power Recycling 230V 0.2-2.0 0.2-0.95 0.2-0.65 Recycling 120V 0.2-2.0 0.2-0.95 0.2-0.65 Color temperature +/- 30 +/- 30 +/- 30 consistency, K Color t

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