Profoto ring flash tube

Profoto ring flash tube

200 TWIN PRO Bracket


Followed on from the 360 Mini Strobe concept, it would also be very nice to have a PRO version Twin Bracket available as an option for the EVOLV / AD200 strobes.

The current Twin Brackets are an incredible piece of gear, allowing you to mount two EVOLV / AD200 strobes, and providing an output only a few tenths less than the XPLOR 600 / AD600B (compared in the same softbox at least).

Though the current bracket was built to a very reasonable price, and it would be nice to have a more refined PRO version, using the stepless metal swivel mount, and metal Bowen’s mount from the 600 PRO.

This would also provide an opportunity to possibly revise a few other features as discussed below.


200 TWIN PRO Bracket



Firstly if possible it would certainly be very nice to also include the new horseshoe style flash tube, and centered 38W LED modelling light from the 600 PRO, though I don’t know how practical or possible that would be.

It would be possible using a bulb with twin flash tubes inside, though that would be considerably costly, and it would be a unique bulb not shared with anything else in the system (unlike using the current AD200 tubes).

Though one possible chance may still be simply using the flash tube from the 600 PRO, and firing both strobes through the one tube.

As that is what Godox originally did with their first AD200 twin bracket prototype, though using the AD360II tube. And it is possible that may have only been changed because the 360 tube was just not rated high enough to handle two 200 strobes together (where the 600 tube should be OK).


200 TWIN PRO Bracket


If adopting the 600 PRO tube is not feasible though, it would likely be best to stick with the current dual tube and LED layout.

Upgrade the bracket and S-type mount though, and possibly refine some other things like upgrading the LED modelling lights (ideally to around double their current output).



200 TWIN PRO Bracket


It would also be nice to have both strobes mounted the same way this time (I’m not sure why Godox mounted them opposite ways originally).

Having both strobes oriented the same way though would certainly make it easier to mount and remove them from the bracket.

As well as to read and adjust the interface, and access the batteries and head release latches easily from the top of units.

And also leaving a 15mm gap between the strobes would allow room for a tripod plate to be left attached to them while mounted to the bracket.


200 TWIN PRO Bracket


And while discussing mounting the strobes, I don’t know if this is asking too much, though it would also be nice to consider providing something of a stress release point, to help absorb the impact if a stand goes over, or the unit is dropped etc.

The rear mounting plate could be something that’s easily swapped out by the user as needed. And either the whole plate, or each strobe mount individually designed to break away with an impact.

So instead of replacing an expensive strobe or bracket, you can hopefully just replace the backing plate of the bracket as needed.


200 TWIN PRO Bracket


Another issue with the current Twin Bracket set up is that you can only use one LED modelling light when using a single strobe mounted to the bracket.

A solution for this, and also to provide more battery capacity if the LED’s were increased in output (possibly even requiring a small fan), would be to have an EVOLV / AD200 body with no flash capacitors inside, just to house batteries.

So this unit could be mounted to the Twin Bracket instead of the second strobe, to power the LED’s. And possibly even attached via a cord when both strobes are mounted.


200 TWIN PRO Bracket


This battery pack body could also be used to power any of the EVOLV / AD200 LED heads, including the LED ring light (still to come).

Because there is no need to be carrying around heavy flash capacitors, just to power LED lights. The radio receiver (for remote control) and basic interface would still be included.

There could even be a mini version, holding just one battery.


200 TWIN PRO Bracket


And once again it would be very convenient to have a multi dock battery charger available.

A reader even suggested it would be good to be able to clip the chargers together (possibly for the standard chargers and the multi dock version), so that you don’t need additional power outlets, and extra power cords to carry.


200 TWIN PRO Bracket


Patrick Hall from Fstoppers recently posted a good video illustrating the elaborate battery management required by many professional photographers. So reducing the number of different batteries and individual chargers needed can make a big improvement.

With the twin bracket available you could build a nice system of strobes conveniently running from the one same battery.

And if Godox did manage to eventually provide some new head options for the 200, you could possibly have a very nice compact system of lights all with LED modelling lights built in, and running the same batteries.


200 TWIN PRO Bracket


One other thing which may be worth exploring would be something more of an impact resistant case or cover for portable strobes.

Flashpoint have done a really nice job with recent silicon skins for the EVOLV 200. And as nice as they are, their release has led a lot of people to comment that they are not going to do anything to save a flash if dropped etc.

While that wasn’t the intention of the skins, it has led me to think it could be possible to provide a cover designed to provide some impact protection.

If you had a hard, but thin flexible plastic outer skin, which would bend or crush a little on impact, then lined with a high density molded foam around 6mm or so thick.


200 TWIN PRO Bracket


The cover could extend past the end of the strobe further to provide a thicker dampening at the rear corners and edges, which usually take to most impact.

The front section could be cut off along a perforated seam, for mounting the strobe into the current S-type speedlight brackets, and attached to the strobe separately as needed.


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